Gitchi Once I though I had got done with a bender. I was despretly thirsty, so I slammed a big glass of my room-mates orange juice. (Un)fortunetly it wasn't orange juice, but was a highly potent screw-driver. 000710
birdmad a sensation i had never known until my first major bender after four years of self-imposed sobriety 000711
MollyGoLightly hung over at a friend's wedding luncheon.

seems like i'm the same indulgent asshole while all my friends are forcing themselves into adulthood.
unhinged i'm always playing important gigs hungover especially if they involve j.s. bach in any way. i hate when all you need is sleep to get rid of the horrid pounding in your head and you have so much other shit to do that it does you no good to even think about the word sleep. at least i know he's getting pizza juice dripped all over him at this very moment... 001209
SuicidalAngel Who else in blatherland is? 020101
Jenna Fueled by alka seltzer dropped into Powerade, a big breakfast with coffee, and about 5 hours of totally non-quality drunken sleep, I am trying to study for a test that will count for almost half my grade and starts in less than 24 hours.

I feel myself crashing.

What's not a good idea? Putting 5 double vodka and cranberrys on credit the weekend before finals. There are some many things wrong with that I don't know what part of me to scold first.
Lynsey Moir From Orkney Hungover is how I feel right now.... And every week I'll say i'm never drinking again.. But you know that's Bollocks! 070408
jane veisalgia 080604
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