Q We cannot love understanding completely. 000723
omiz fortunately we cannot understand completely. 001206
she we cannot love understanding completely.
we cannot completely understand love.
ClairE Like a hug that squeezes the breath out of you.

Somehow related to "always".
unhinged i may not be completely broken
but i may not be completely healed
the sting dulled to
an ache
the last vestiges of disease
gathering themselves
ready to move on at the next sneeze
maybe our old haunts
will haunt me still
for i completely loved you
and completely lost myself
Ishtitoon I completely agree with you, in nothing 021130
IWishICouldGoWithDavid The only way I want you. But you knew that. 021215
endless desire i am not completely here tonight
i am off in some happy_land
souring on the clouds
cloud 9 to be exact.
and not because of any experience
but because i feel strangely content tonight.
oh please last. i ask with all that i am.
please last.
ashmanzhou completion what is it?
can it ever be?
can it exist while we live?
nothing can be complete to finish
unless it is not there anymore
wipe the slate clean of it
break it away to powder and ash
for only destruction is complete
only it can run to finish
ninecat I am completely out of my mind. 041203
x s baggage I am completely lost on what to do, so i do nothing. The lazy laid back way out. 041203
lou_la_belle completely confused
up is down
left is right
right is wrong
green is red
topsy turvey...

won't someone please straighten things out for me?
i don't remember how things used to be
i know i was happy, i know i was free

i'm so completely turned about
that i've completely
how to live
without you
jlymry327 i cant completely understand this, i cant understand why you just left
why you never talked to me again
why i wasnt good enough
cant you just tell me
just fucking tell me
what's it to you?
who go