silentbob Betray

Maybe it was no one's fault
I know it wasn't mine
But now that you've moved along
I guess I'm next in line
I thought we had the same ideas
But you, you proved me wrong
I've been played the fool before
But never for quite so long


So what now? Do we shake hands,
And go on our seperate ways?
Or do I open my mind
And bump you into the haze?
No, I'll see you tomorrow
Same channel, same time, same place
I'm not going anywhere
'Cause I quit your fucking race


Goddammit, we were supposed to stay young
And now it's over, it's finished, it's done
Normal expectations, they were on the run
But now it's over, it's finished, it's done

wallflower My life is over. I can't see how it could possibly not be. I have betrayed my best friend in the worst way possible, and nothing can ever be the same. 010623
betrayed betrayal 010623
Erin i must redeem myself
betrayel inside yourself
From my inadvertant ways
Never wanting to harm you
Shielding you from my past
Will it ever be complete
Not until we believe in one another again.....
peachmelba i am gonna stab you through the heart, just wait and you will feel the pain and regret for letting me down once again after promising you would never let go, i told you i would hurt you so bad if you did and this is you suffering the consequences 041031
anotherforgotten I knew they would betray me
Can't trun my back
Just keep running
Don't stop
Can't e'n trust the earth 'neath your feet
It will soon open and swallow you
Taking you down to the pit
Betraying you like all else
Don't stop running
ninecat "I spied wings of reason, herself taking flight
And upon yonder precipice saw her alight
And glared back at me one last look of dismay
As if she were the last one she thought I'd betray"
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