unhinged '...while you can hold on to beliefs as truths, they will never correspond to the full and dynamic nature of thins. beliefs are not hands-on exploratory enough to allow for that.

i don't want to define belief for you. there is no right or wrong here. language in itself never makes anything true; it only provides a channel for communication and exploration.' - elizabeth mattis namgyel
unhinged 'beliefs bind you when they cut off the flow of your curiosity. you can count on beliefs, such as 'people of faith are naive,' 'bob is the perfect boyfriend,' or 'the world is a mess,' to bring an abrupt halt to the liveliness of an inquiry. beliefs are vague approximations - like maps - that, if mistaken as true, block you from the primacy of experience. yes, you can find a lot of evidence that the world is a mess, but if you make that a belief, you will miss out on a lot of extraordinary happenings in the process: all those luminous sunrises, all those moments when people bravely put aside their self-concern to serve others in need, all the exotic bird-mating dances, funny jokes, and uncontrollable laughter. you will miss an autumn leaf drop from a tree, a meteor shower, or a moment of awe. and yes, there is heartbreak too. who could argue with that? but you can't accurately say that heartbreak is all there is.' - elizabeth mattis namgyel 180812
. beliefs and science by definition
are opposites

if you BELIEVE in science
trust science
(or government bureaucracy
masquerading as science)
you are actually doing
the opposite of
the scientific method

when people turn
a belief structure

I remember when
my high school chemistry teacher
what my middle school chemistry teacher
told me about atoms
was wrong
on purpose
because the reality was actually
much more complex
(how the fuck is
something a wave and a particle
AT THE SAME TIME teacher???)
opened the hole
that let me
peek behind the curtain

rupert sheldrakes banned tedd talk
his book on
morphic resonance
amy WHEN ted banned talks I completely stopped watchin TED. 230215
what's it to you?
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