The Truth Ascend: Is this the ultimate goal of all living things? Is it the destination of the grand scheme of evolving things? Do you ever wonder why it is that every kingdom(scientific classification) of life on this planet has achieved flight. Animals: Birds, Fish, Mammals, rodents, reptiles, Insects, bacteria, dinosaurs, plants,and humans can all fly. Humans have been aware, if not obsessed with the concept of flying for millenia. There is something within all of us that makes us curious about the height of our universe, and we all love the view.
Will you ever reach the top? Can your body survive? It can not, but your soul can.

Our Souls too,
Desires Ascension.
Why is this?
sabbie never stick your wings together with wax.
thats all im saying
misstree they stopped calling me an angel when i got my wings... is it because i flew without them, without offering them flesh and blood and soul if they would only feel the sun kissing their eyelids? i took that away when i became an angel... i became a creature of ineffable grace, a fullness of being that could not help but sing the glory of One... but they stopped calling me an angel, like what i had done was a sin, to rise above gravity's cruel posession, to quest upward and outward and beyond... now they don't call me anything, they skitter and stare, and some become supplicants, wanting me to grace them the way i once did... but i cannot give another wings, i can only show them the joy of flight... but they stopped calling me an angel, and now they'll never see that they can be notanangel if they only... 031222
andru235 one of the nobler concepts, yes
that we ascend is no mere guess
though we mire beneath our troubles
rise, rise again, we shall, like bubbles
Mister Brightside i've never been up too high or to far to come crashing back down

andru235 try going down first ;) 050308
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