reitoei smart artistic creative beautiful a scientist an actress a poet swimmer. goddess, queen an obssession a torture a dream. a dream that i want to live forever. i love you and hope you see this someday. 020210
RegentLion (me) 040330
deb blonde pigtails
trying to be such a big girl
growing up way too fast
my little chatterbox

gonna be a big sister soon!
nonsensical i am annie. my sister's name is anna.
everyone says, "really? you're annie and she's anna?"
so much to say. our words are creating a mountain of anticipation, or is it anxiety? don't push too much. don't pull too hard. just enjoy the ride, right? that is easier said than done when your seat belt is broken and the driver is blind.
rhin so intense the air is between us sometimes that you could choke on the stickiness of it. looks are many and words tossed to each other are savored and swallowed. icy cold fruit will never taste the same to me again without her bare skin beneath it. ani difranco's lyrics blanket us and keep us warm. a million touches feel like too few and so we remain intertwined for fear of falling. so intense the air is between us that sometimes we may forget where we are. so intense the air is between us. 110210
rhin i said ooh girl
shock me like an electric eel
baby girl
turn me on with your electric feel
- mgmt
rhin anna begins and anna ends. 110326
what's it to you?
who go