kx21 Givewn 123

1)Why_did_the_US_Soldier_terrorise_the_Iraqis. (e.g. POW, Detainee, etc.)

2) Why_did_the_Chicken_cross_the_Road.

3) Parallel_Universe...

Let US Solider= "Chicken",
terrorise = "cross", and
"Road" = Iraqis...

i.e. Logically, mathematically as well as scientifically:-

Why did the US Soldier "terrorise" the Iraqis?

Ask "Chicken"...

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minnesota_chris the US military is based on stripping people naked and abusing them. What did you think they would do to the prisoners, dance with them? 040511
^.^ How is it that we, as Americans, can become so outraged over our soldiers abusing iraqis, and yet, when they happen to to kill our own ( when they burned the car, mutilated the bodies and paraded them through the streets; or as of late, when they beheaded someone) it quickly fades away? 040511
minnesota_chris it's all bad. All bad. But if we're the most powerful country, we have the most choices, and hopefully we can choose to do something better? Maybe?

It's how I feel about Israel v. Palestine. There's plenty of atrocities to go around, but there's only one group which has enough power to do something different, and that's the Israelis (and maybe Hamas.)
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* Why ??? - W 123, with proof.

Just to satify one's curiosity (???)

specifically ^.^:-

Americans (including those engaged in the Iraq Abuse) in Iraq happened to be in w1) a wrong place w2) at a wrong time and for w3) a Wrong War...


given the Moment_of_truth that US Led Invasion & occuption in Iraq is


Scientific Citation:-

* Live_vote *

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

May 10, 2004:-

US_Led Invasion / War / Occupation in Iraq:

1) It was Worthwhile

44 percent (a new low)

2) It was a Mistake

54 percent (a new "high")

3) Bush was doing a good job handling the war

41 Percentage (a new "low")

This completes the proof...

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kx21 Euraka!!!

12 May, 2004, 13:26 GMT 14:26 UK

Abuse row woman 'followed orders'

? Eureka!!! 040512
somebody England says 'persons of higher rank' told her to pose like this:-

??? To inspire Bush -

The War_President...
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* Three Motivations - Abuse_photos

What are the Motivations for creating & passing the abuse Photons in Iraqi Prisons?

PCA 123:

1) To "impress" the Bush Administration as well as all US Senators, on the Progress of Historic_Mission in Iraq.

2) To "surprise" the Rest of the World, on the Innovativeness of US Prison Management system & Techniques.

3) To Test the "Will" of Best Free & Democratic Country on Earth - United States.

so as the_Limit_of_possibilities of Free & Democratic System & Society...

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??? Scientific Observations:-

1) Bush's Deep "disgust_and_disbelief" &

Senators call images of abuse disgusting

2) Rumsfeld denies techniques violate international rules for POW interrogation

... 3) * The_Test_of_Will * 040512
kx21 Specifically,

the_Limit_of_Realities of



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