Quintessensual Some see the world as
a vale of cold tears;
others more warmly,
yet tasting salty,
a series of tests.

Still others see it
more hopefully as
sensual pleasure.

In all its glory,
such as that warm sex -
you still remember;
no, it was not hot -
on a cold Friday.

Right, in a vale of
fears, in some cold tight
stacks, of the central
library, of that
you both were into
that night before exams.

You both did pass, right,
with flying colors?

Copr. 1999
Beth I closed my eyes to escape the moment, cold and charp with pain. I closed my eyes on shards or glass and steel, on greys and blacks, and the stark whites of mechanical anger and fear. I closed my eyes on a world of thoughtless and needless tears. Just to escape the moment.

I opened my eyes upon the vale. A sun-drenched strethc of green, lush, flowered and ready for my barefeet to pass over it. I opened my eyes upon deep blue skies, and daiseys, perfect and cheery. I opened my eyes upon great oaks in the vale, mighty and true. Warmth upon my face, beauty in my eyes and ears. Birds ever singing, and beating thier wings with joy. Deer, gentle but unafraid. Rabbits, grazing busily. Clouds...white, but soft, rolling contentedly across the sky. Mountains in the distance, examples of stability and strength stood on the horizon, brave against the wind that might threaten the magical vale.

Tears again,though this time crystal and soft appeared in my eyes, and a smile upon my face, and I laughed throwing my hands above my head and dancing on the warm, rich ground of that place, and my laughter joined in the music of the vale, a perfect harmony for the everlasting chord of peace.

I turned to look behind me, and instinctively reached my hand up to your face. You brought me closer, and sought my lips, and everything was perfet again.
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