Tess and lots of it. 000107
Scorched GanderSnout when she calls my_name

is there a waver in her voice?
is there a hint of a question?
is there excitement or longing?
is there fleeting affection?
are there flowers blooming?
are her eyes twinkling?
are there storm clouds looming?
is there some sort of connection?
are there possibilities dawning?
is there some sort of suggestion?
is there doubt or remorse?

or is my mind playing a game?
silentbob am i ever going to be secure with myself enough to the point where i can share an affectionate and mutually self-destructive co-existance with someone? someone i can kiss and play with and flirt exclusively without interruption from the people that drag me down and make my stomach hurt.
blast, here i go again
Eva I dunno about him
his past is a well of darkness
so to poetically speak
it is amazing that someone
can go through so much
in a few months
but feel like a million years
i still believe in you
"i won't hurt you"
simon heisenberg
delta-e . delta-p = h/2pi
the anitproton lurks
the hawking radiation slowly
begins the universe again
that is all
egger halfway home.

what waits?
zeke q factor 051021
Piso Mojado http://tinyurl.com/dv9gs 051021
zeke heisenberg 051101
no reason i don't like don't understand why there's so much or any at all
but we're still shaking stammering stuttering worrying walking on eggshells looking out for broken glass
QuietChaos Uncertainty

A kiss, a wave,
A cry, a hug.
You don't know,
Whose grave you dug.
? wot doyou mean ? 070613
() (certainty is a fetish) 090429
In_Bloom Nothing like a few glitches to usher in a new clarity 090429
misstree speared through my center
felt with each movement,
each breath and heartbeat,

uncertain whether to
snap it off, pull it out,
and push forward,
wielding the two halves
slowly, patiently pull
the full length through
and leave it behind
whole, ready to be
wielded again.
epitome of incomprehensibility Uncertain? I don't know. But I'm almost certain I don't know. Where does that leave us? 121212
what's it to you?
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