black-dyed gel product Stephanie cuts herself; she takes a blade and slices just enough of her wrist to sting. She doesn't like who she is or the world around her. She is beautiful, so she scars herself. I speak with her everyday, and she talks of how no one likes her... at least for who she is. Everyday, I sit, hear her speak, and wonder. How can something so beautiful feel such pain. She is a bruised pear on the windowsill of my eye. She suffers so, and she is oblivious of my love. 010416
black-dyed gel product I still love you, even though you're with him. 010610
bijou she lives with josh. and jeremy and their dog roy. holly_and_her_black_jacket 010624
black-dyed gel product I haven't thought about her in a while, but today I did. i remembered how when we graduated high school she made me promise to go to her funeral when she turns 30. That sitll gives me chills. I gues that even the most beautiful of flowers must wilt. 010706
yummyC i'd love that sort of attention, but if I ever got it, I wouldn't recognise it and i wouldn't know what to do with it.

but i will never be described as beautiful cept by some blind idiot possibly.
Queba Oh yeah 010925
ClairE Likes to be called Steph and doesn't understand not being happy.

Isn't life boring that way?

I wanted to have sex with her.
little wonder my little sister (11 in a month). she's such a character.

bethany what people think i say when i introduce myself, and what i always turn my head around to when i hear it screamed. i really like this name as much as stacey, tiffany, or britney, ieck. 020215
Epsilon She can find beauty in anything but herself. 031206
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