Death of a rose As her smile darkens the evening,
I slip into her embrace.
. endless desire 040803

shes beautiful...
and we all want something beautiful...
i wish i was beautiful...
megan andrew wk 040803
twilightfox but i am available.
pete she is beautiful
yet her grace slips away
sprouted underfoot and overhead
in all the high places and beneath
every tree, she rose above
the clouds and smiled into
the disappating sun and tears
unhinged but she left me for him
a boy
that beat her
in every way possible
but nobody treated her
better than him
but isn't that nice?

when i stare at her picture
i realize why i was so in_love with her
she won't call me back though
he was threatened by me
probably told her not to
i gave her everything i could
and held back what she wouldn't let me
and i still dream of it
the way i would kiss her
every inch of her
and i know part of her wants it too
when i look at her picture
i fall in love with her
all over again

the way she looked at me
when she went to dinner
with my family
she was 'out to dinner with the family'
eh sorry_but
she wouldn't leave him for me

i still mean every word
i said that night
my nat_face
if only she knew
how beautiful she really is
uow maybe you know, maybe you've seen her
she is everywhere
she lives in every field and city
Zantic I keep coming back to the orginal post, and I like it. 040825
pete though it is never a physical embrace with her 040826
mourninglight that silent siren 041208
nom and she is ugly 060207
Lemon_Soda Still.

And I can't even remember how she smelled.

But beauty and common courtesy are not mutually exclusive.
sirflaccid . 060207
rage but she is wrong 060208
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