birdmad kick_ass_movie_quotes:

Tony to all the gawking patrons in the restaurant

"People like you need people like me so you can point your fucking fingers at me and say to everybody "that's the bad guy."...and what does that make you, huh, GOOD?!"

"I never fucked with nobody that didn't have it coming to them"

"Say hello to my leetle friend"
bethany "what about him tony?"

tony stands with gun in hand

" need a job?"
niska "do i want to lose all my friends... cause all this trouble... for myself and my family - what if it doesn't turn out?"

--justine blainey

all she wanted was to play in her local minor hockey league in ontario.

the women's hockey leauge circulated a petition to ban her from moving forward with her appeal to play hockey with the boys in her town - there was no girl's team where she lived.

she recieved hate mail and death threats on a daily basis.

she was ten years old.

what she went through to change a sick reality in sports - is sacrifice. and it paid off.

so, a lesson to all of us...
niska you know what? i'm a total fucking retard. i meant to write this under sacrifice.

ashmanzhou i just thought i should write
something here

i got called this at work last week
Webley They are scared of scarface. 040212
jezebell is me
after a maxillectomy
down the left of my nose
to the center
and through my lip
it healed really well, people say
but i'm only twenty
and i don't think it's fair
i used to be pretty.
what's it to you?
who go