ravensfears Death ruins good intentions. God takes everyone I love away. I never got to call her back and now I cant even find her phone number so that I can go to her funeral.

Life is a bitch!
misaligned my pen barfed all over the inside of my pocket. my britney t-shirt, ruined. ruined! it is indeed a sad sad day. 020225
poll I hate the letter.
Rip It
Tear It
Slash It
Ruin It
Burn It
Whitechocolatewalrus I want to ruin his face, the one that he refuses to shave, the one I have to look at every day and pretend to be happy for. Despite all my efforts, he still yells for no reason, he still angers with the slightest misstep. Oh how I hate him, how can my mom not know? How could she do this to herself, to me? He doesn't deserve respect, he doesn't deserve anything. 031110
Forming Mind The way they slaughter, kill, terrorize the syllables.
Beauty falling from their chapped lips, lingering on for a second to fall flat to the ground. Taking shapes of monsterous animals.
Everything is silenced as my eyes blink slowly to the obscurities and inhumane murder they have rehearsed.
Cherish those sounds, those words. They are the only thing we truely have with one another. The last thing there is.
Do not ruin our communication
. . 170818
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