Shar Robot music and space men are delicious.

Try these delectible bands!

Man or Astro Man?
The Moog Cookbook
Space Cookie
psyki and Knodel.
and Kraftwerk.

don't forget Knodel and Kraftwerk.
BoofPixie i love robots. movies with robots. robots that look like toys and make jerky movements and make this noise:
"whhhiiirrrrrr" or
Brad remember Alfie II? 000311
mmm i see robots all the time, even more when i go to the mall 010326
floating eye of death the giant robot, with bird-like head
the giant robot, he is my friend.
good people smashin' time 020412
mechanical birdmad red_robot_will_destroy_you 020412
tourist Transfer my soul
Into the synthetic
Electronic senses
Translating the world
Onto the biological analog
Let me see in ultra-violet
And listen to the Electron winds
Screaming down in the Cosmic Rays.
Sampling Chemestry
With Digital Olfactory nodes
Upgrades available
Putting bloodhounds to shame.
Touching Fire with no remorse
Love of Logic no recourse,
As ever onward and outward I move.
Into the shimmering Night.
god howling, the pack in formation appears.
diamonds and clubs,
light misted fog.
the dead
waving us back in formation,
the pack in formation.
god i'd like any breakdancers, or anyone who can dance robotic-style to come to the foot of the stage, please. 020413
Strideo "My name is Frank. Yes, I am a robot. Don't mail me and make fun of me because I am a robot. Chances are whatever you have to say, I have heard before."

shorlove war&peace
planet of the Apes...
/anon "Bite my shiny metal ass"
-bender, best robot eva!
cube I am currently looking for a used SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) for a personal project. Something similar to a Motoman HS-5-450 would be fine. Must be complete with controller. If anybody happens to have one of these kicking around in their basement, please contact me...
niska robots are right up there with monkeys 030423
z 040502
Strideo monkeys are right up there with pirates
z robots are the only opponents to samurai_jack who are destroyed. 040726
nom "Scientists say they have created a brainy, four-legged robot resembling a starfish that can sense damage to its body and, on its own, think up a way to recover" 061117
Strideo Man Or Astro Man? did a show in my town not too long ago. I missed it. I didn't even know they were in town.
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