ANGRY push the walls from the side of you,
like in Asana, push away the negative energy and breath in the positive energy, physically and mentally, breath in colours breath out blacks, browns and greys.

if you live in a hut, you only have the option of looking at what you really have outside, the beauty of the world, you own nothing yet you have everything. Like a book with blank pages, you have all the freedom to write what you like.

Alchemist, it's purity to see the simple truth.

why do they think i am being rude by saying that i want to live in a hut ?

i'm not joking, i never was.

i will not do what you tell me if you lie to me, i will not call you back.
mr song I don't think it's rude. I already live in a hut in the woods. 070627
kuffsleeve oh cool, that must be fun. you could be like Robin Hood !

you could make those cool bridges between trees and make fires in the evening and dance around the fire together... it looks like fun to me.

just don't dance with the wolves unless they are nice to you.
Ouroboros perhaps it's not where you saw yourself 1 year post-graduation, but there you are, in your hut of wood, pvc pipes, and plastic tarps; in the converted backyard of a house 1 mile east of the pacific. the city of lost angles hasn't been appealing to you of late, but there you are, paying comparatively cheap monthly rent and dreaming of the 150 baht bungalows you once slept in. it's late afternoon and the sunlight is streaming right at your feet as you sit and read on your stoop. if you ignore the traffic noises and ignore the fact that all your belongings are crammed behind your dresser, it could almost feel like another country, and not a hut in a backyard in the city you despise 070628
kuffsleeve but i need a bodyguard. 070628
Strideo other architectural options:

igloo (if it's snowy out there)
log cabin (if you're feeling extra luxurious)
mr song Tat's just my fun house. 070628
Lemon_Soda I'd go with the cabana as long as it was placed in the right tempurate zone. 070628
Strideo Yeah, living in a cabana in Alaska wouldn't be very practical. (^-^)
aw-shucks you forgot hammock and treehouse 070629
Question man I'm selling a hut with cracked walls, busted windows, peeling paint and a hole in the floor. 070716
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