if i could talk id tell you it's a fucking secret
so fucking tell me,
why would i share it with you?
silent storm Why not? 020131
SunShamer Perhaps you aren't being asked to share your secrets. 020131
Encased in Ivory ...i'll share mine with you if you share yours with me...
...i'm only an email away...
shreks ass whats the point of being able to talk if you gotta keep secrets 020201
daxle pirate 020201
emily the second my father read my love poem.

its akin to being raped.

some things aren't meant to be displayed and he greedily licked up the emotions I'd spilt upon the page as though it was his right to do so.
emily the second ASSHOLES 020818
Isaou You rich bitches are really starting to get to me. It's grating, being around you all every day. Talking about your expensive holidays away to exotic places while I while away my time here studying to hold onto my scholarship.
It hasn't bothered me for a while, but with uni approaching I'm beginning to worry about paying for it.
Yet you all just click your fingers and daddy will pay, you don't have the worries, you haven't experienced deprivity.
Your parents all own fancy businesses and you get laptops, iPods, cellphones at your beck and call.
But it's the uni that bothers me the most right now, I want an education and I think I deserve one, but watching you all carefree around me is so infuriating. Half of you blow your parents' money on drugs and alcohol while you should be saving. But really it won't effect you because as soon as you run out another handful of bills will be thrown your way.

Sure, you have problems at home just like anybody else, but at least you have an opportunity for a future.
I cannot stand the fact that some of you do not deserve it.

Sorry Blather, thank you for listening.
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