endless desire i was sitting here
blathering away
under whistle.
when i feel a soft bundle hit my leg.
i look down to my feet and
under the glow of the computer
i see a navy blue pillow.
i hear a giggle down the hall
causing me to look up.
and there i see my mum
doing her best to not burst
in laughter and my nino
hiding behind their bedroom door,
armed with pillows.
just as i look up,
another one comes flying towards me.
as you might imagine, i am absolutely baffled.
are my parents trying to start some strange pillow fight?
while pondering this question, another pillow hits my shoulder.
i gathered the tree pillows and walk towards their door.
i set the pillows in my ninos hands.
"ok" i say in the most confused of voices.
and their laughter rang on.
my parents are so easily amused
but sometimes it is kind of cute.
celestias shadow 'if you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be?'


my friend elsa is a genius
a walrus who is white and chocolatey If only pillows were like marshmellows. You could sleep on them and eat them at the same time. 031112
Eldemar1011 big, cushy, and they smell nice, hmmm seems like deja vu......pillow pillow over there won't you come and put me on air
high above without a care and lest I wake before the sun on you i'll lay and cast away my thoughts of day and return to the lost land of sleep where my thoughts can wonder and wonders reap
Syrope every now and then i roll into a pile of them just right

and the pain stops for just a little while
what's it to you?
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