painted marbles is it so hard to believe our hearts are made to be broken by love? and in constant dying lies the beauty of it all? my darling wont you feel the sweet heaven in our endless cry? oh, at least you could try for this one last time. ever amazed how bright are the flames we are burning in? ever smiled at the tragedies we hold inside? my darling, wont you cherish the fear of life that keeps you and me so alive? oh at least you could try for this one last time. it will be alright for this one last time. 030220
unhinged tonight
felt like
for old time's sake
i should be with you
right now
as i speak
ethereal/meg/puredream/lucky/autumn/eclipse One last time to collect the tide
Reclaim what's mine and the rest to hide
One more moment in words despair
To remember my heart and the wounds repair

To walk the skylit hallways of what's passed
To let all these moments become the last
Of all the faded sorrows
And all the painted morrows
Let this one become the last...

One last time to say goodbye
One last time to wonder why
One single tear to grace a cheek
More broken words to sink and wreak

These are the days I had fallen
These are the days I had soared
These are the days to which I wave
And these are the days I let fade far away

There once was love and burdened pain
Unbridled fear and unmasked hate
There once was me askew on pages blue
And there once was you and you and you...

Raise a glass and fall to bow
This is where the words trail off
This is the way it must be now
This is how we have ended.

One last time to say goodbye.
what's it to you?
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