cali j Its stronger then anything you could ever do.......and you hate that....just jealous i think 010527
unhinged a hilarious cover of that celine dion song by a new found glory.

let's just think about this for a moment...the sheer beauty of a punk band covering celine dion. it's a great thought isn't it?
celestias shadow oh christ. this song makes me want to hurt someone. 031105
oE for several years i couldn't listen to that song without coming apart.. 031105
Syrope i woke up, rubbed my eyes, chuckled at how childish that gesture was, and was cheerful.

and i felt like a child. a hopeful child dropped off in a nuclear wasteland who looks around and thinks "where should i play first!?"

but then i slept again, and like changing the slide on a view-master, i wake up cautious and wary. at least not hurting, is all_i_can_say

last night you put words to the longings i've been carrying around and struggling to satisfy for months. but then you were too sleepy to come visit, so now i'm left angry that someone else knows what i want and isn't here to give it to me.

tonight i have the room to myself
and it will probably result in one of two things - me, alone, sitting around disappointed by my unproductivity, watching chick movies, in tears...or...not alone, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to lose myself to someone new, but when i wake up in the morning i'll be someone different than who i was when i fell asleep, so it won't even matter.

now, to try my hand at the productivity
i'm ready for a shift of the tides
Weird Al singing "My Fart will go On and On" 040320
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