me? Icicle Lights

Hung from eaves, fences, or railings, icicle lights provide brilliant illumination.
trakie yeah. the icicle lights looked cool last year, but now they're all over the place, and it's getting old. 991227
Q light
light particle
light wave
light or dark
light or heavy
light the candle
light your candle
light my candle
light the fire
light your fire
light my fire
skiblu this little light of mine
I'm gonna let it die
Let it die
Let it die
Let it die
psychobabe the lights all around are moving so quickly, and i'm standing here trying to not fall on my ass.
everything seems to go slow and then fast, but i feel great
People are yelling with joy at the music being played, and i'm sitting back and enjoying at all
My buddy is doing what i'm doing and were chillin
its great this feeling that i feel and felt last night, cuz i'm going to do it again, some other time some day and some night
amy they're _very_ _very_ nice. (for real.) 020531

Turns light off.
Meow They cut the cast, the music, and the lights.... 040106
Rabekah Christmas lights
Are stars fallen to earth
Our attempt to soar
Near their height has failed
Strolling thru town on a brisk evening
I long to basque in the glow
Of an unreachable universe
Mesmerized by electricity
Strung like a pearl necklace
On trees, garages and chimneys
Some remain contentedly still
Others in flashes of colored lightening
Then appears a house
With strands so indulgent
It's mere construction falls
Under their mighty weight
Yet my stars are more infinite
Seven days or more
Past New Year's day
The subtle reminders
Of holiday glimmer remain
Looking to the heavens
Smaller than festive bulbs
Arranged more meticulously
The stars invite me
A journey ending in December
what's it to you?
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