typhoid oh rest. i just did down still white and red amd black. shadow still keeps his promise. that man. , the velet man in the iron glvoe, the roooms spins now, i am holding on by a thread,.. i dont now what i want to do this is so so so cool. i want to know whay you think this is not accpetible this is so much so makeing me able to love my daily work, if i can only feel this for wh a;;; all that i have experiecnced 000417
micky jo just justify your actions in your own mind
to sleep well
i was taught to have the mentality of a murderer
i can justify all i have done
every regret has an explanation
i should have been nicer
but he couldn't stay hard
and that bitch had it coming
i believe in justifiable homicide
... just to be clear
i have never committed it
elimeny I don't have to justify
the way I've gone and lived my life
Because I'm the only one who's got to live it
I don't have to play this game
Of who's the next one I should blame
Because I'm the only one who's here to give it

And you can call my selfish
And you can call me proud
But honey I have never looked
for an easy way out
and you know it, though you'll deny it

And I don't owe you anything...

I don't owe you a life I never wanted
And I don't owe you dreams I never dreamt
You tell me you've got a plan
But you can't even be a man
so don't you pass judgment on me

Stand up boy
it's time to be a man
Stand up for me boy
But I don't think you can
So don't you dare stand there
And say what I should have done
If you can't make your own decisions
Why should I let you make mine?
birdmad rationalize
what's it to you?
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