sixteen peyote?

girl_jane Say...I need a mister for my sister! 030923
Bathed In Pain The hooks pass easily through her skin and into the muscle. She squirms a little, but she is trussed to tight to move much. She rather reminds me of a catapillar, cocooned in filthy rags. I can only see one of her eyes, the other is around here somewhere, but I'm no longer sure. The flickering of the firelight makes it hard to see, makes it hard to think. She cannot scream, but she makes a horrified gargling noise. It's the only option she is left with. I smile, trying to encourage her to see the lighter side of the situation. But she doesn't respond. The blood has left black tracks down her bonds. From here it kind of looks like a roadmap to somewhere else. Briefly I pause to wonder where one might end up, if one was to follow such a map.

Around my feet are the rest of the bodies, all broken and limp. She is the last of them. I think I will try to make her last the longest.

The thought makes me smile.

I carry on.
misstree *GRIN* that's beautiful. especially for being pun-based. yay! 030923
pobodys nerfect Oh I'd like to hook my sister up,
alright. Even better,I'd like to re-wire
her somehow so she'd get a large jolt of electricity every time she gets on the phone and talks to her friends for hours,ignoring her kids when they really need her. They suffer because she's more concerned with her social life(and I don't just mean talking on the phone)than with them. And she screams at them over the stupidest things and just makes their lives miserable.
She's a fine example of why parents should have to get a license before they can have kids. :(
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