For sure! Now there's a sport! I can even play it! Not that well, but I can hit the ball! And boy does she fly! Straight into that one kid's kneecap. I felt bad. 000713
Miniatus how do I manage to so many trees and so few golfers 000713
nocturnal "No one ever looked back on his deathbed and regretted spending too much time drunk on the golf course."
-the "Golf Guzzler" website
Teenage Jesus Do not drink on the golf course. If you're in front of me, you better not be drinkin. I'm not waiting around while you go tromping through the freaking woods looking for yer damn ball. satan and I are gonna play through- and we're not askin' if it's ok with you.

Drink in a bar or at home or on the road...but not on the golf course.

My brother Dave_Christ can drink- we make him stop playing when he starts to suck- but not You.
Teenage Jesus It's that time of year again here in the South. I've got a new box of balls. I've been hitting a few out back of the office. It's looking good. The distance is improving without any loss of control. I hit the wedge about a hundred and twenty yards (long for me) yesterday, and straight as an arrow. A little work with the woods at the range and I'll be ready for action.

satan_satan_satan ?

Any of you youngsters play?
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
man heard 090619
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