whirligirl if people are willing to make records like this... then i am very worried. 000706
MollyGoLightly sounds like heavy metal guitars in the snow.

viva odin!

let's burn down a church!

aaaaaaaaa (scary!)
Joana. The violin stabs like a gentle knife
Ripping every part of the lonely cell
And the tribal drums heed for a gesture
They heed for a cry of protest
Suns of desolation and sorrow burn pale fleshes
And dance in the air of an Autumn myst
Where the puerile laughter of the leaves
Mixes with the wind's whistle
The end nears
And all that can be heard at the distance
Is the falling of rebel tears
That grasp the last sign of a living soul
Whose meanderings lead to fallacious beliefs
And pretentious expressions
'Watching beginnings of social decay...
Gloating and sneering at life's disarray...'

godspeed you black emperor! I remember sitting there, at the Hotel2Tango, staring at the disco ball that spun on the ceiling.

Three looped projections, two bass players, two drummers, three guitarists, a violin player... sometimes more...

It felt good. Like a sweeping nightmare of unyielding passion, a soundtrack for those who enjoy listening to the sound of urban decay as it eats a hole right through... The mood fell on the crowd like a grey fog wrapping itself around us and soaking right through into our bones, leaving us dead and cold.

I took a piece of film that was left by one of the projectors. I think I can see someone's face on it. A souvenir...

...and in the same slumbering decaying infrastructure:
a silver mt. zion
do make say think
fly pan am
lotusflower the music.
it gives me this heavy feeling in my gut and i have to shut my eyes real tight. It's almost like swooning, drowning, fading...
silentbob what the hell are you guys talking about 000708
MollyGoLightly we're talking about gnome-core! worship odin! gnome-core! 000708
neville Let's build quiet armies friends,
and march on their glass towers..
what's it to you?
who go