jennifer the guava juice is not working today 991205
freakizh children's clothes are flammable, indeed. thank satan.

better than condoms, i guess.
kelli crane *in case of accidental overdose, seed professional assistance, or call a poison control center immediately* 020115
kelli crane seek seek seek seek 020115
Stephin Merritt Caution
To prevent electric shock
Do not
Remove cover.
No user serviceable parts inside,
Refer servicing to qualified
Service personnel.

Let this be the epitaph for my heart.
Dafremen This is free_expression. Interpret at your own risk. 020420
unhinged blather_is_blather

i don't tell you what you should write here or put in an email. i don't control your finger that clicks the link. so many other pages to read, you stumble across one of mine that you think shouldn't be here while you are posting stuff that you put in an email with the disclaimer that it might be offensive.


off my back
misstree see: the_boxing_ring 040106
Lemon_Soda Those easily offended easily offend.

People put up disclaimers because other people arn't mature enough to except that not everything they find hidden under the rocks they keep upturning is something their going to like.

This is a stop blaming everyone else for your own decisions kinda thing
j warning: for indoor or outdoor use only. 040112
zeke Note: This product only works if the universal constant is observed. 040112
notme i have fifty eyeballs! 040112
stork daddy the views of those standing next to me do not necessarily reflect the views of me or myself. 050724
superleni we accept complete responsibility for anything stupid you do, so long as you accept complete responsibility for letting us allow you that freedom. 060508
scott mac when advised to see, look the other way, becuase you better believe that i will never let it go, i will hold it like shell to my ear. 080304
BnB Not to be used for the other use. 091017
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