silentbob Land of Opportunities

I hear the word opportunity so many times I'm not sure what it mean to me. All importance lost in a definition that's been spread to the masses by the age of integrity. I hear the talk about stability. I start to realize this ainít the land of opportunity. I heard a story today about a man who mad millions but no stories to tell. Climbed on top of his mountain of money and found he was alone. To live a life in the name of money was the opportunity he should have blown. No shit I realize Iím not the only one. This happens everyday, you know it happens to everyone. I get real pissed off and I throw my hands in the air, but Iíve got my friends with me so I donít care. Donít tell me what I want, donít tell me what I need, donít tell me what to have or what to be taking. Iíll tell you what I want, donít worry about me, Iíve got my opportunity.


I've got something to say about the state of union today. It's not a union sometimes I wonder if it ever was. United States? United people? Is it all just bullshit are we all created equal? Correct me if I am wrong I hope I am. I stand in the lower class and I see no end. We're all victims of income segregation. Why must three classes separate the entire nation? There's three classes one on top and one below. The middle doesn't matter no neither does the low. The top irritate and subjugate the bottom two. Try to deny it but they do it to you. Now the masses are controlled by the minority. They have just wealth not rightful authority. We see the rich pockets getting fatter faster. What will you do is money your master?
marat Once upon a time in France the poor rebeled against the upper class.
Stormed the bastille set the prisoners free.
Then shapened the Guillotine and lopped off some heads.
Do you think if we started building Guillotines the upper class might loosen up their grip a little?
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