Benji The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.

this describes me
Joana My idol... can there be anyone like Salvador? 990723
me? the only difference between me and a surrealist is that i am a surrealist! 991111
s.s.s. I wonder if Dali met
Trout Fishing in America.
Oh to have been
a fly on THAT wall!

(A fly eavesdropping
in on two surrealists:
surely a surrealist's
cup of tea?)
PinK Paint he was a norty boy too. 010515
divine madness a man, or so quite mad
though no one can compare to
dali, a thought; an inspiration
melting clocks, cannibalism
with an elegance, a symbolism of a sort
an admiration to that, a mind
where giraffes burn and images are seen and unseen...

...mi amor, ese Espanol de ideas tan magnificantes...
epitome of incomprehensibility I urge people to check out Destino, a short film that is based upon a series of sketches by Dali and Walt Disney (!!!) and never got made into a film until four years ago.

And while we're talking about movie-ish things, why not Un Chien Andalou. The apple (?) of my eye...
jane i believe destino is in the special features of fantasia 2000, or you can just see it on youtube. man i've only seen clips on youtube & would love to see the whole thing... 070507
jane dali is my favorite dog 070508
epitome of incomprehensibility I dunno... I saw the thing at the Disney show at the fine arts museum in downtown Munn Tree All. I was impressed by its beautiful randomness. The rest of the show was all right (dealt with Walt Disney, his influences, and other artists inspired by or critical of him) but seemed a little to celebratory and sparkly. 070512
jane disneyfied? 070512
kuffsleeve there was a Disney train on the road today.. so weird.... it would be cool if all the transport was like that though i must say !

i'm having some strange culture shock like never before either that or i'm seeing things.

? i ain't got no clue what this London town is doing...

there are still crappy adverts too... it's ok if you don't read everything.. but i tend to read and look at everything when i walk or drive around no wonder i've got a headache.

what is your cleaverest trick ?
what's it to you?
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