zavyman Oh, the pain
The extreme feeling
Cannot sustain
Must refrain
Remove thy hand
From the frying pan
hedwig.child the heart my freeze
or it can burn
the pain will ease
if i can learn
there is no future
there is no past
i live this moment as my last.
hedwig.child rain. falls. hard.
burns. dry.
a dream or a song.
that hits you so hard.
filling you up.
and suddenly gone.
Skull My mind burns with the frustrations. Why? Why!? oh it can never be made right in this life, but try, try!
Don't give up. No apathy. No folly. Please. My mind burns! No!
zRub the fire burns and consumes everything that touchs
just like you consume my life, just by touching my heart...
every day, every hour, every single moment, i'm here, burning inside, thinking of you... thinking of the moments we could spent together, thinking of the moments we could enjoy, thinking in a shared eternity...

But you don't want to think about it...

You want to consume everything... you want to burn my existence into ashes... you want to be shiny and ferocius, like a flame...

I'm burning, i need a breath... i want to kill the fire, i want to erase you of my life...

But i can't... i need to feel you, i need to know you are inside me... i need to have you in my mind, always...

... Even if you are burning me
diehenisy hedwig
you stupid idiot, its may, not my ease, and iuts from rent ass hole. give gredit where credit is due
anythingbutcryptic i leant over the black marble bar in my midriff top to turn off the switch/AAAAAAHHHHHHH as my tummy touched the edge of those lovely (but not not so lovely horrible burning hot) toasted sandwich makers/i had a triangle scar on my tummy for a year at least/it looked kind of hip, actually 080111
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