jennifer a child
who, on the morning of his mother's birthday,
mades her a gift
and he worked
very hard on the gift.
his mother, when presented with it
threw it away
saying she hated it
and she wasn't too fond
of the little boy
for making it for her,
and she turned her back
and walked away from him

the child has no choice
but to fold in on himself
and weep
old skool aka-assume: To make an ass out of u and me. (a math teacher of mine use to say) 010508
Tybay you are right
it makes an ass out of a lot of people

p2 professor alfred s. shat
likes to make ASSumptions
but that's what you get
when you deal with an a.s.shat
ghost assumptions can lead to self fulfilling prophecies 090326
Lemon_Soda Should one get a load of crap for making a reasonable assumption when its found out to be wrong? 090326
dafremen Us egos like to bitch about mistaken assumptions. It's probably a combination of an unconscious attempt to deter future assumption and the ego's usual need to feed itself by gloating.

A fun thing to do is to completely disregard the correction and pull even wilder assumptions out of your ass.


"Man those bananas look goood!"

"Those aren't bananas numbnuts! Those are plantains!"

"Huh..I think you might be right. But who the f*ck is gonna smoke a bright yellow cigar? And why'd they put 'em in the produce department?"

"Not cigars, dipwad! Plantains!"

" mistake. Well still..shouldn't they be in automotive supplies then?"

"They're f*cking plantains man! They ARE produce! They're a a banana. Jesus!"

"Like a banana huh? You don't say.."
. . 090326
hsg ur assuming humor isn't a mental disease -ask your doctor if not laughing anymore is right for you! 090326
jane almost ruined my friendship with ms_s 090326
phil You have to make assumptions, to get to the truth, so don't get mad because someone makes an assumption. Everything you know is made up. Get mad at yourself for not reaching people's hearts. Knowledge is the source of all our happiness, and that's one rule in one of the many rooms. 120604
Given ... 120605
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