Norm What exactly goes on with anger management? Is it like yoga, or something, where I'd need to sit around in a circle with a bunch of psychopaths holding hands with incense burning, legs crossed, and talk about my feelings? 010913
kelli crane i went to anger management. at first i didn't say a word, just watched the clock like the dude in that movie..........what's the name of it?.............................................ah! good will hunting.
then i finally broke down and started talking. it helped me so much. I used to have the worst temper and throw things and destroy stuff and beat people up. I don't do it anymore because my counselor taught me how to deal with my anger. it only works if you let it though. most people don't think they have a problem and having to go to classes just makes them more pissed off.
oren I had a manager once who used anger to get things done. Everyone hated him but he sure got things done. Anger Management. 020115
Casey thou shall not hit people with chime mallets 020115
girl_jane Oh, Casey, the person you hit was ok to hit at that time. Remember what one person said, should have used a bigger mallet and hit him harder.

Plus, it's not good to keep built up anger.

Good for you, Casey!
Mateo Would someone like to share my anger? I seem to heve too much. 020216
bijou anger_management_in_four_chords_or_less 020219
lady lunchbox i went to anger management therapy when i was about 12. i got pissed at my dad on halloween nite, and mouthed off. he pushed me (after i pushed him) and i fell backwards. consequently, i grabbed a towel rack on my way down, and the towel rack ripped out of the wall.
my dad went to therapy, too, if i remember correctly. i think my mom made us both go.
i don't know if she wanted us to stop fighting or if she just wanted us to stop breaking things.

ps- it worked, i think
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