nah....! can't catch a ride with the moon. so FUCK THE WORLD. 011110
CheapVodka fuck this world
fuck everything that you stand for
don't belong
don't exist
don't give a shit
don't ever judge me

too bad Slipknot suckz now...i liked being a fan
lost they kick ass screw you they dont suck. 011110
Cheapvodka bullshit...they do suck

they did like all the rest of them, Staind, Limp Bizkit, KoRn

they changed their music for the society they once rebelled against. it's still good enough to listen to but i wouldn't pay money for a lunch box with them on it...i mean, come the fuck on... i'm not antagonizing it
satan satan satan if i'm supposed to fuck_it_all, who's gonna pay for all those condoms? 011111
SuicidalAngel Staind kicks ass.. I dont want to hear it.. I love Staind, old and new. 011111
lost they never sold out. they are still fucking hardcore and fight society. none of their songs were written to please a crowd. they were written from what they think or feel. i will admit some of their songs could be harder. but i dont think that they sold out at all. i will agree with you that limp bizkit sucks ass. staind is still kool as fuck. 011112
Subterranean Visions fuck today
fuck tomorrow
fuck yesterday
fuck the future
fuck the past
everything is all fucked up.

ditch class
start fires
blow off homework
smoke cigarettes
smoke pot
wander aimlessly
everything is still all fucked up.

get a job
get married
have children
settle down
buy a nice house
be friendly towards your neighbors
not there yet, but i forsee it will still be fucked up.

how can i break this cycle?
when will i see?
what will happen?
who am i really?
where am i going to end up?
why is any of this bullshit life of mine even fucking here?

(ps) slipknot still kicks ass, i dont really like staind, and i heavily dislike limp bizkit. but korn kicks ass.
exhausted hatelove 021115
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