unique butterfly mine.

my boyfriend.

my friend.

something besides "shut up loren"
stork daddy unique butterfly is like the coolest name on here. i wish i thought of it. 030110
x boap 030111
margadant11 I want a girl to call me boyfriend and until then I will have to call my hand girlfriend then... 030111
krimilda i'd also have to go with mine... owning... he wouldn't want it that way 030112
Nathan88 *na*
ill go with schizophrenic lesbian bitch that suffers from denial and manic depression as my final answer...oh yeah and anxiety too

once again you tryed to throw stuff in my face that came around and kicked you in the ass and i didnt even come full force...go ahead and call me an asshole and a jerk...but never fuckin call me a liar, especially when u have no grounds to do so

i wake up to her telin me i dont wanna go to church
"cmon you didnt go to church for christmas, just go now"
"i dont want to its my last day on break i just want to sleep"
"your just an asshole"
"dont fuckin call me an asshole because i dont want to go to church, your the fuckin asshole for not repsecting my decision you fuckin bitch"
mother gets half way upstairs ad comes back down perhaps because she feels bad
"well can you make it my christams present because you didnt get me anything"
"yeah i did, (laughs) it is still in my car"
"whatever youre just a liar"
"go and get it right now if you fuckin want to dont call me a fuckin liar"

no the man-hater is back from church, maybe my final answer will be a feminist-nazi or even me her own son she despises for bein a man
megan beautiful... but somehow the words can't find their way out 030112
definitely not paul simon or al for that matter you can call me farky or you can call me mraow 030113
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