burden Rock over London, rock on Chicago! 010628
paste! get the rat's nest off your head
get that crazy ass mullet off your skull
take your ass to the barber shop
tell the barber that your sick of looking like an asshole.

cut the mullet (4x)
burden Get out the clippers, jerk! 010628
burden It is a restaurant where they buy food to eat. 010630
black-dyed gel product suck a cheetah's dick
suck a walrus's hairy asshole
lick a camel's booty hole
burden Put some tartar sauce on a horse's cock and suck it. 010701
silentbob the chicken cow...the chicken cow

this beast ate my brother
it jumped up and bit him in the ass when he was in the cold

rock over london, rock on chicago, blockbuster video
wow! what a difference!
m_e any relation to tony hill? 010710
burden In a perfect world, yes...

Learn about him, bg.
blamethesky i've seen him three times...he's played at my school and at the skate shop twice. 010716
burden Come again? You are lucky to the max! I love you like a taxi driver! 010716
ninny nu nu I am a taxi driver,
where do you want to go?
yoink i knocked batman to the ground 010718
burden "I like the way she rock. I like the way she roll. I like the way she whup a horse's behind with a belt."

-Wesley Willis talking about his adoration for Alanis Morrissette, during an interview with Howard Stern
burden "Going on tour can really be a hell ride." 010725
burden The lead singer of The Ataris said, "Rock over London! Rock on Chicago! Wheaties: breakfast of champions."

paste! this beast killed as many as one hundred thousand people. 011229
nerzhul The jam session was awesome. It whipped a pony's ass. 020322
sweetheart of the song tra bong I heard he died which is extremely upsetting.

One of the greatest singer/song writers of our time.

Rock over London, Rock over Chicago, Wheaties: breakfast of champions
silentbob i had the pleasure of meeting him and getting his autograph one time at an alkaline_trio concert. he was just there. selling his own cds. i will always remember him. 030825
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