sbgtlc to people i care about.
you won't ask for it, so i won't give it. most of you already know it. if you stumble into blather and onto this page, maybe you're here for a reason. but maybe not. there's a reason i won't say this to your face. that said, here it is. unsolicited. take it or leave it.

-divorce your husband. he's a pathological lier, user, abuser, and loser.

-don't ever, ever, call me "kiddo" again. i don't like it. and i don't like you.

-grow up. you're in your 50s. act like it.

-dump him. he's using you. you deserve better. much better. but you know that.

-next time you make a life-changing decision, i'd like to know. don't hide it from me. why did you do that? i've always supported you-we've never even argued. maybe you knew i wouldn't approve. or that i should have been a part of it. i love you too.

-grow up. stop being selfish and stupid and talk to your father. he loves you and you don't treat him with the respect he deserves. he's not going to be here much longer, you know that. you figure you would have learned with your mother. but you didn't. how sad. and stop treating me like i'm 12. i'm 21.

-your father loves you too. recognize it. it might make things a little easier.

-don't wear that stupid earring. and stop shaving your head. you look ridiculous, which is sad because you are attractive.

and let he without sin cast the first stone. but these stones are not cast. they're simply placed on the ground waiting for you to find them. my own stones are in my journal. i'm working on them.
sbgtlc liar, not lier. 031002
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