:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Erase those pre-defined limits on age and maturity that you've laid as the foundation of your goal planning and judgment.

Our Justice system would like us all to come in "one size fits all" categories.

But we don't...
Every single one of us is different from the next one. And we all reach physical, mental and spiritual "Adulthood" at different lengths of time.

Some of us grow up way faster than others,

Some of us never grow up at all.

The world would not flourish if we were all similar. The world thrives on variety.

The courts say you are an adult at age 18.
I still know 30 year old children.

I've known adults who were age 14.

And then...There's this "midlife crisis" nonsense... our society puts so much fear and anxiety into people, pressures that prey on insecure people causing them to feel "too old" when they are middle aged.

I've seen a 70 year old woman who was as young as a child.

Looking at her, I could see that she didn't spend her life dreading age or keeping up with the pace...She went at her own pace, she determined her own standards about when she would feel old, and when she would stop feeling young.

Clear your mind right now... Erase your standards based on age.

You are truly, only as young as you feel.

Stop saying "I'm gettin' old!" Unless you'd like your body to believe you.

Wake up every day and sieze that first breath of fresh air. And fill your day with positive possibilities.

If you take_care_of_yourself ...
You'll never grow old.
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