WoNDERGIRL gargle. that's my life story, I swear. why can't they just take these damn tonsils out already? 000528
tourist After repeated attacks of the baccilli over the years, I found myself in a hospital emergency room to get some relief. The intern examining my throat asked "when did you have your tonsils removed?"
I painfully replied, "I never had them removed."
"Well," he said, "They're not there."

I concluded they had lost the battle, and had either deserted, or were being held as POWs somewhere deep inside me. I still have never recieved confirmation so they are simply listed MIA.
j_blue wow.

getting my tonsils cut out next month.

not looking forward to it.

my mom says its gonna be puke city.
jane i'm still going to have a kick ass new years. does it help if i drink beer 031230
Death of a Rose yes it does, with liberal amounts of spiced rum. 031231
misstree gargle hot salt water
and eat as much garlic as you can
and mercilessly infect others,
as you are several states away.
no reason "you have a nasty case of strep"
"your glands are the size of golf balls"
"you will [feel shitty] for another two weeks"

i'm so fucking sick of this
no reason wow, it's been exactly a month

time for surgery, perhaps
unhinged i hate when it hurts to swallow
what's it to you?
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