Lemon_Soda "I know" Beautiful said "why you not stay." He didn't sound angry or resentful to her, just sad and sure. Beautiful scratched at the dirt for a moment, and then looked up from it, his silver eyes glowing balefully in the moonlight.

"You like here...but one place not love me...but one mate not enough..." what seemed a growl mixed with a sigh escaped Beautiful's jaws, and he continued, "this way, good way...but, still...other ways out there...other ways might be want way that just right, for you. Maybe you find it. Maybe you not." Beautiful turned away and plodded, heavy pawed, away from the spiraling road. His heart had begun to bleed all its own, and the crimson emote started to leak from his eyes, nose, and mouth onto the ground,leaving brackish, scarlet streaks and prints in his wake. Beautiful raised his head and stood erect, that fine and noble animal that she had first seen, once more. Though this time, the blood on his muzzle was his own. He spoke aloud as he gazed at the trees and shadows of trees ahead of him, "No path perfect. No path just right. Path only good when someone walk with you."

And with that, Beautiful was gone, melted and lost, a ghost in the forest, leaving only his spattered blood on the ground and in her heart. She shed one tear, despite the watchman's warning. It fell to the silver spiderbrick of the spiraling road. Where it landed a flower bloomed, pale blue under the moons' light, leaving for the third time a wonderful, painful scar behind her, a reminder of her travels.
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