bluechicken let's all settle, settle down now.simmer, soften, slide
just settle down. settle down now, settle down.
Cole Never settle. 020826
Glory Box this dust does in your leaving, and my heart does, in your presence.

perhaps i have a handle on this love, like it's something that's mine.
let's all have a moment for those
who have settled

you konw, it's been a long time that i've entertained this dream, this passion just under my clothes, always hiding, peeking out in quiet moments and silent halls. i write. i sing. i dance. i paint. and no one knows.

how normal of me to live these things, this power in my life, such a faithful muse, and ignore it for fear of courage.

i do not fear what they think.

i fear being brave.

how much sense does that make?

yet today, driving around doing those things i'm "supposed" to, it occurred to me . . . all my friends, they have done it.

they have done it.

one's a car salesman. two are nurses. one flips burgers, some are paper shufflers.

the most talented guitarist i know, god, how i used to adore his fingers on the fret, gliding around like his didn't even know they were moving, eyes closed, vibrations coming from his fingers to the pit of my stomach through his heart and back to mine.
hours we would spend, singing songs that we didn't know, crooning to each other, making it all up as we went, but taking the same steps in stride all along.
we never needed a map. we never stopped on time for sleep. we didn't eat.
we lived.

he works in a plant on the floor now.

i wait tables.
girl_jane I can't. I refuse to settle for less than what I want. I'm fucking spoiled. 040314
pete I am the child of a long line of settlers, murders, and theives. Oh to be North American! 040315
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