silentbob it annoys me that not everyone thinks the same things are funny that i do. Hey, thats kind of funny. 021010
the hogfather nah, it doesnt annoy me, i just sit there and laugh by myself. 021217
kss I traded my sense of humor for a degree in English Literature.

Now I fix computers.

Go figure.
minnesota_chris hee hee.

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: That's not funny.
Al-Quenya That's right. Only sperm have a sense of humour. Terrible terrible. 080725
snook I need a man with a big one. 080726
lunatic jesus Hey, baby, God's_comic. 080726
oren Sins of_a fumer. 080727

good ol' worsthorse and stephen colbert. if i could buy cable by the channel, i'd been even more in_love with that show.
hsg sense of you more than ever. 080727
j_blue she said i have one

i wonder how much of the trouble it's worth
Gardenias from Soma Emily.

You have this lovely sense
I love you for who you are
You? You could never
Understand what I see in you
Always putting yourself down
The road - Who knows if we'll be together
Feels like we're apart
Of something greater - the cosmos
Must be playing a sick_joke
Like there's a hospital for this kind
of cruel mother who never held you
Only held you down
cast the tubes and IVs aside, laying there weak
from the lack of any thing a human deserves
to be treated like I want you to
think that either of us are anything
less than helpless
like me. 1000 miles away.
on the other side of this blue screen.

God I wish I could find the humor.
But it just doesn't make any sense.
what's it to you?
who go