jennifer it's fun to dress like white trash
and it's fun to be me

"but no, it didn't happen... they were filming tall, angular veterinarians"

"a room with a view of a pond and a staircase"
grendel like a god in an alcove 000626
amanda Whenever i try to be rebellious it just never works out. Like everything just falls into place and so I can't be it. I don't think you understand what I'm talking about but its true. I try to do something "against the system" and then it never works out. I can't seem to be rebellious in ways that I want to. I'm sure I could in other ways, worse ways, but thats not what I want to be. I don't want to tell what I'm talking about because you guys will just think its dumb. Well you don't know me so I might as well tell you. Ok, first off I'm mormon...and we're not SUPPOSED to date until we're 16. And I'm 15 and theres this guy that I like thats 16 and he likes me but he won't date me till I'm 16! Do I have the worst luck or what? I try to be rebellious and date before I'm 16 but i can't, everything just fell into place. In a way I hate that....I really want to date him. But we can still "hang out" but its not the same. We are good friends right now but I want more. This may not be a big deal but to me it is. This guy is the greatest guy i have ever met. It really sucks. 030104
User24 let him know that you're willing to wait until your birthday because you love him that much, and that he means that much to you personally.. that way if he dates anyone else for the next year, you can guilt trip him till he's sore.

jordie My parents speculate that I do things simply to rebel.
like sex and drugs.
But it isn't true.
I actually enjoy it!
is it that difficult ?
what's it to you?
who go