is ...

saRAH RAH is whatever you want it to be
Rah is happy
RAH is angry
RAh is hello
RAH is good bye
so just RAHRAHRAH all day long
not austrailian Rah Rah is what i used to call my cousin Sara. At least thats what everyone tells me. but it doesnt make sense cause i couldnt say the letter 'R' so it probably came out as WAH WAH which would sound like water. so every time i wanted sara they would give me water and then i would piss all over the place. it works mate 020109
ClairE rah rah siss boom bah 020110
YoUr_ReTaRdEd The blood of RAH goes through your house and stains its carpets 030318
marjorie huzzah and such 030408
werewolf there amongst such scattered lanes of sight that clouds seem great skyhooks for streaming banners of light, the slow and melancholy deviations of a hawk are noticed. this is a normal sunday, but most of the human commerce on the ground are filled with the dread hangover that follows a saturday night where dreams were recklessly shared, where two lovers constantly replayed the same laments: my powers to imagine outstrip my powers to act. "kiss me" i am stifled, and you, you are the closest i've come to instant long term gratification, "kiss me" to a means that is also an end "kiss me." houses doors open and the squeal of children are heard running off of porches as their parents prepare to go to work, building pyramids they'll never see. Measuring their lives in questionable units like blocks, like sips of water, and steps to bed. Who can blame them if on a saturday night or a sunday morning, they see the lonely deviations of a hawk and are sad but also slightly relieved. Who can blame them if seeing that empty sky traversed lazily, and kiss their lover saying, "why not this? why not this? at least this is complete" 030408
knot meat instead of and...i meant they...they kiss their lover 030408
oren I_don't see how an article of clothing can be indecent. A person, yes.

Robert A. Heinlein
hsg like_the_sun?

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