ac sure, i could read a certain book (i've considered it), but it might explode my head. rainbows and no no i need stability. but for the longing... 000220
camille yes, longing 000220
airport We didn't use protection. I never did and neither did he. Then it turned out that I was pregnant and it seemed like such a stupid thing to just not think about.
So I had an abortion. And that weird looking doctor told us that we weren't supposed to have sex for at least 6 weeks. 6 FUCKIN WEEKS! And he told us that I could get an infection if we did. 6 weeks sounds so easy to do, but I guess we just decided it wasn't important, just like a condom wasn't important.
And I got the goddamn infection, and it fucked my insides up and now I can't conceive. It's a twisted sort of irony, and I hate it because I know that it's my fault and I can't take any of it back.
bijou i once knew a girl named airport. she had an abortion too. 010605
ClairE I've always used it but one day will it not be enough? 011218
misaligned they should invent a special helmet for sex. shit can get dangerous. 020301
. . 020302
thunderbuck ram if someone's getting shit on their helmet, pregnancy is extremely unlikley 040820
story of eau quills.
the color red.
anne-girl I read once that it meant first
to be covered in front
globalfruitbat hee hee hee..thunderbuck ram, your dirty interpretation was one I had too..and it makes me giggle. 040909
Syrope i felt safer before. now i'm so volatile. already? somebody was supposed to make these terrible first few days worth it. when i learn to take care of myself, things will be different 040909
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