. shabbidy do! 050206
Dromedary love, love, want to touch him, but cannot. sitting in the front row, but cannot touch him. sitting so close, yet so far. so far away metnally. has no idea what goes inside my head as i pretned to listen, pretend to repond, pretend to take notes, pretend to live, pretend to die, pretend to exist. i do nothing when he is there. i live under the waxy film of the movies, waiting, forzen in that moment where the two lips are ready to meet. the image is burned on my emotive soul, and so i am not here, not connected to the real world because every square inch of myself is magnetized negatively, and he is the positive, and i can't help myself being dragged further and further by this gravity that i cannot escaped because i've gone past the event horizon and now there is no return; my light can never escape this mass of emotion. 060622
the professor Go on, touch me. I want you to. I want you too. One hump or two? 060622
unhinged i saw him walk past the futon store while i was inside and i covered my face and turned away from the window. i got a little breathless and my heart started beating faster. i never had it so bad for a teacher since the fifth grade. i think it was his voice and his beautiful completely bald dome. needless to say, i wasn't the only student who had a crush on him. how could someone like me not have a crush on a guy who had two doctorates from ...stanford...or usc maybe and didn't look a day past 35? *sigh* 060622
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