andrea holding on may be on of the
stupidest things i've yet to do
but it still it gives me a
satisfactory sense of control
i can't choose my misery
anymore than a prisoner picking
the means of his execution
if this is my sickness
i'd rather be dead
hahaha I'm a prisoner in my own life and it's all my fault. I trapped myself. Kind of a downer. 000120
Alexander Beetle you are number six 010501
startfires i cant's late...the mouse just keeps landing on go... 010528
618034 be seeing ya' 010529

Is it blue, or is it grey,
I wonder though I stare all day.
And time
seems to stop
Cease to exist
Days become minutes
each morning, noon
just a tick
and a tock
on the unpresent clock.

And I stare at the wall
for it's all that there is
And I stare at the wall
for it's all I can see
And I stare at the wall
for it's all I can do
But is it grey
or is it blue?
TalviFatin I am a prisoner
within my own life
Nothing but work
nothing but strife

I cannot see
I cannot do
Anything until
I am with you

I might as well plan
to die someday
Sooner than now
Not later than yesterday.

Why cant I see you
Why cant you come find me
Do you not care
Or is it just me?

I feel so lost
So alone
I am a prisoner
and you have a heart of stone.

(c) TalviFatin. 2001 July30th, 2:20am
sphinxradio losing my own game. 011231
x twisted x of time. 040412
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