icy nevermind all the rules (which sound suspiciously similar to fight_club) - it's the company that makes it great. sometimes a quarter barrel finds its way to the porch, sometimes mass quantities of assorted malt beverages (especially foo-foo ones on birhtdays. yay!), sometimes the hookah comes out for legal tobacco use only, but all the time we have fun. bitching about work, catching up with people and current events, devouring delivered pizzas (and those wonderful boscoe sticks!) - all sorts of people collected on the porch. it's porchclub.
but sometimes we have to go inside when it's cold, or if it rains too hard... then maybe livingroomclub?
Lemon_Soda I've slept on porchs, drank on porches, ate on porchs, smoked on porchs, met and lost friends on porchs...

... I've even got the official underware. I'm right there with you. Porchs rock and being a club member is an honor.
nom i've met stars and
eclipses eaten
blueberry newtons
my lost cat when she was a kitten
in summer we'd sleep on the porch
making a bed from the old falling_apart ikea chairs
listening to the music of the circus
below in the town some nights would
carry sounds of drunk cars speeding
the crash of beer bottles tossed out windows
or visiting tibetan monks chanting
faint whispers of bells
sometimes nothing but wind and coyotes
playing in the birch meadow
icy ooo - official underware??
(underwear? b/c if it's underwear, i *must* be shown them!)
Lemon_Soda Nononononooooo....be in the porch club you get official underWARE. Like software, hardware, wetware...underware. If you don't know what it does or what its for, well, your obviously not in the club. Be content in your fruity kalvins or whatever your undergarments are known as. 031110
cupcake but i wanna know what underware is! an d what people said on that word just confduses me! i guess i'm confused alot lol! 031110
icy i *am* in porchclub, and i *do* have underware (borrowing your definition, and returning it in a minute). i guess i got all excited about hoping you had typo'd and finding someone had smartly created porchclub undergarments...
hmmmm... that might be an idea! simple yet brilliant. are you inspiration so often that you are used to it, or does it just happen every now and then?
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