Jacob my catch phrase 990407
erin the slimy psycho jipsy me likey licky foo foo poopies 001008
erin the anti-slimy thats disgusting. 001206
Dafremen ..are what my kids made in their pants when they were babies. Somewhere along the way, they stopped being poopies and started being shit. That's when it was time for them to grow up and get out of the diapers.

The same is true for life. When I was a kid, a teenager, all of the anger and teen angst welled up and seemed so horrible. It was like life was shitting on me, but it wasn't, those were just little poopies. Later on, when I turned 17 and things stopped being about love and girls and cars and parties and started being about rent and groceries, life and death. That's about the time that the problems of everday life stop being poopies and start being major shit. That's when it was time to grow up and stop wearing diapers.
nevermind who you know you've got something really special when you can talk about about each other's poopies 010220
Why does this word, or variations of it, continue to see the light? I can't even say the word. The closest I can come to saying it, is saying 'Poo', and that is only because it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, so sweet and adorable! (Peyton, don't say a word!!! I deny any fascination with those three letters in combination, and you know it! -love you- I just despise the color of Poo, that's all!!!) I kept telling myself...don't blather on this word, or it will just reinforce accusations of fascination. Well, I have held out long enough, and long last the word pops up again! I hate it!!! I won't say it!!! It gives me the willies!!! For everyone's sake, let's all stick together, and come up with a more pleasant alternative for this silly word! LOL

I have not lost it!
twiggie I completely agree with you, Rhin. I can't say this word. I hate it so much, and any variation of it. I hate it when people talk about it. *shudder* it should be banned from everyone's vocabulary! 010222
firehunden how about "shitties"

or "dookies"

or "crappies"

or just plain old wholesome "ka-ka"

why should "poopies" be such a bad thing?
Aimee I love that word! It also keeps me from cursing but just the word.. poopies! lol it's just funny 010528
asm At least where I come from it isnt a variation of crappies ...its a distorted Puppies ...i have absolute no horrendous association with it and I think its quite adorable :) 031122
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