me? She called my friend a picnic boy
I never could stand that
Oh she called my friend a picnic boy
And said he was too fat

I left her in the early morning
Looking at the rain
I found I could not take the pressure
So I took the train
lokkust my sister once went on a picnic at hanging rock. she never returned. 991212
Tess i think i met your sister up there. i think i might have had something to do with her disappearance. 000205
Tess she was with a nun, right? 000205
MollyCule last night was international twee picnic day for all the belle and sebastian fans . . . we had ours at a picnic table outside a bank that had a picnic table outside of it after it closed. fun was had by all 000521
Kate She told me that he seemed a little distraught about not getting to see me at the picnic... I wanted to say goodbye to you, and I knew I wasn't going to stay for the lunch. You were walking with your mother up Eagle Avenue but I didn't want to shout out goodbye and make you turn around. I was hoping I'd see you at the bottom of the stairs like I did that time when I had to run back and get another deck of cards. Have you gotton the book and my letter yet? Are you watching fireworks tonight, with your family or your friends. Maybe your at that girl's house in Mentor, the one with the lake, where the sun meets the water on the sunsets. Owen wants us all to come down to his farm so you can learn about chickens and we can all go camping. So yes... I'll see you there. 020703
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