amy i know a museum. the museum is the central point of the city. usually i know i'm in the city when i see the museum. the city has hills and a transit system, there's a school along the side of a hill. the museum has been both futuristic and classical, and i only know a few parts of it. most notably, the lobby in its futuristic form.
these are my dreams.
devilbunny Wax museums are clever places. For the price of an entrance fee you can see people posed in dioramas, perfectly capturing a moment. Forever frozen in time. 061110
Norm Norm Acid seems to make poets 010805 160410
Norm I remember that night.

I was 16 years old. I googled acid to research it before I tried it. Funny, I guess that was around the same time google became a verb. The internet and I were still just children.

How appropriate it was to find blather and psychedelics in the same virtual breath.
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