Money Money Money (ABBA)

Aha - ahaaa
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world

A man like that is hard to find but I can't get him off my mind
Ain't it sad
And if he happens to be free I bet he wouldn't fancy me
That's too bad
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ted dibiase some might cost a little. some might cost a lot, but for the million dollar man...EVERYONE WILL BE BOUGHT 040815
uow i have seventeen cents 040815
m21k ***
* Maths Breakthrough

Reclusive Russian May Have Made Maths Breakthrough

Mon Sep 6, 9:35 AM ET

Grigori Perelman from St. Petersburg claims to have solved the horrendously complicated Poincare Conjecture that tries to explain the behavior of multi-dimensional shapes in space, thereby making himself eligible for the prize ($1 million) offered by the Massachusetts-based Clay Mathematics Institute.
a "point" The_Millennium_Prize_Problems 040906
. The Poincare Conjecture:

Every simply connected closed (i.e. compact and without boundary) 3-"Manifold" is homeomorphic to a 3-"sphere".
hsg1437 Mr Krabs' wet_dream. 070312
In_Bloom I've had it then had none
Given plenty away because it's not a thing I love
I just use it
Did you really think I wanted yours?
I would have pledged mine and anything it would buy get us safe
hsg peace is valueable, know? 080823
Risen People say it doesn't buy happiness, and most people without money don't believe those people.

But money doesn't often make you happy. Even when you think it does, it isn't about the money itself, but the possibilities it represents. The things you can do with it.

Right now I am avoiding the irony of having the kind of financial freedom I used to dream about, and having nothing at all I want to do with it, because I don't have the physical freedom to do anything with it.

Money doesn't buy happiness. If it could, I'd know what to spend mine on.

i love this guy. and he grew up in youngstown. go figure
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