Princess Lola and the sunshine band 030716
The Spork For a disco band, they were just Funky enough not to totally Suck.

It was a full band with a nice fat horn section and some good bass, not just some Semi-Anonymous singer working in front of Canned audio.

I didn't really learn to appreciate them until my wife talked me into going to a goofy Disco-Night party at some nightclub a couple of years ago.

Listening to it with my own ears instead of filtering it through the jaundiced Perception of my Stoner Dad who thought if it was not Floyd, Zeppelin, or Sabbath, it just "wasn't right."

Of course, this year as a gag, i sent him a Foghat 8-track at Father's dayjust to be a smart-ass.

Gets Down Tonight
ferret funky_fresh 030716
jane how casey signs her name 030717
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ferret some things you have to earn for yourself 030717
girl_jane Now being in Missouri-KC makes me think of Kansas City...I think I'm going there during our midterm break with Ashley. It'll be a good time. 030915
bel that boy means so much to me. so fucking much. but tahlia the fucking retard threw all that could have been away...because i wasn't ready, and now he's with ana. i should have stuck it out. not freaked out when i did. i tried other guys, i tried casuals...and i ended up comparing them to kc and they all came up short in one way or another. so i have no one. i could keep fucking guys i dont know. casual sex was good for a while. no it was awesome. but it's the only kind of sex i've EVER had...so i'm left feeling empty. i need some kind of substance there. emotional attachment...that was always denied with kc but we both new it was there. still is. i think. fuck i dont. point is, i fucked it up, and it's my fault im so lonley. 040423
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